Itchy Scratchy Bitterness

Well…today was…..a day. It was one of the coldest days I have seen yet this year. With cold comes hell for both my skin and asthma. It does not help that everywhere I go is on foot. But that was an elective price to pay for being so phobic and marrying someone with the same […]


The Comfort in Chaos. (Why I Can’t Believe in God)

Prayer. All throughout my life, whenever a hard time arose at least one person would mention prayer. “I’ll pray for you.” “You will be in my prayers.” “Can I pray for you?” “Maybe you should pray.” I always appreciated the first three remarks, the last remark however always had a way of leaving me frustrated. […]

Before I Kick the Bucket (Bucket List)

MusicalĀ  -Learn how to play the guitar -Learn how to play Piano -Learn how to play Cello -SeeĀ trans siberian orchestra live -See My chemical Romance in concert See a musical on Broadway Traveling -Go to New York -See where my mother grew up (Gatlinburg, TN) -See where my father grew up (Philadelphia, PA) -Go to […]

My Experience with Hypnagogic Sleep Paralysis

I have been reading about other’s experiences with Hypnagogic Sleep Paralysis. Years ago between the ages of 14-18 I had frequent experiences with sleep paralysis. Sometimes they would be nightly for months at a time. After seeing a description of a good Halloween documentary to watch posted on the PBS Facebook page that happened to […]

Things I Think of Fondly from my Childhood

-bonfires -barbie Pink -shiny and sometimes tacky jewelry -camping -zoo visits -pajamas -eating junk food with friends -those frosting covered animal crackers. -fruits snacks -Nsync and Backstreet boys -Pink (the artist) -old school nickelodeon -making collages -thought-filled walks in the park -halloween -Tim Burton movies -Johnny Depp -all the angsty music I listened to in […]